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The Truth You Want To Know About Page Rank


Today page rank is an inseparable attribute of an important, reputable, highly visited site and successful online business. That is why everybody is constantly looking for effective ways to increase the page rank which has become an important factor of online marketing.

Google has its own formula or algorithm which determines the page rank of each site. There are numerous guesses as for what it might be. But nobody knows for sure. And Google seems to enjoy this mystery. Once Google gives the site a certain page rank it also determines its place on the search results list and its value and credibility for Internet community. And though the page rank is not the only thing that affects the site’s rank, it is still one of the most important ones. Hence, it should not be ignored.

There are some ways to find out the page rank of different sites. You can either install a special tool bar on your computer or visit a special site where you can enter the URL of any site and it will show you its page rank. But you should understand that the information shown to you might be outdated as Google updates the page rank only about once in three months. But if you keep track of the page rank of your site you will notice the changes every time the data get updated. The results will show how successful or useless your SEO techniques were during the latest period.

When we talk about the page rank we mean the rank of each page not the whole site. According to one of the versions that is where the name ‘page rank’ comes from. Different pages of the same site have different page rank. The pages that are ranked the highest within the site are the most important pages like home page of many sites or pages containing unique, useful and important information. The most highly ranked pages can share its value with the other pages of the site by linking to them and thus, increasing their page rank.

High page rank means more traffic and better search results position. Clearly every webmaster wants that. That is the main reason for the unspoken page rank contest which exists between different sites dealing with the same subject. The main direction of this contest is building links. Webmasters are after quality incoming links that come from sites with similar or higher page rank. This direction exists in different subcategories: backlinking, reciprocal links, buying links, blog and forum posts etc. Be careful about what strategy you choose. As a rule those that bring fast results and offer you some short cuts get banned by Google. It’s better to play by the rules and build up the links from reputable sites gradually and steadily.

Nowadays Internet technologies are extremely popular. So no wonder that the Internet network has changed into a way of making money. But to avoid putting your web business in danger it is very important to know how to get Website Traffic.

Search Engine Submission is one of the most significant things which has to be focused on. Keep in mind that people today take advantage of online network to find info, and buy goods. And of course they use search engines for it. To make an online business successful, one should use all the tools available. Also, Offline marketing can be helpful as well if it is applicable to the business.

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