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The WordPress SEO Beast Having A Much Better Look At This Plug-In


Most online marketers have begun blogs in order to make an effort to promote affiliate programs or as a way to build an income with Google Adsense. Needless to say a successful blog ends up getting the vast majority of their traffic from the search engines. As you can imagine if you don’t know how to optimize your blog pages you won’t be acquiring the search engine traffic.

That is the advantage of the “WordPress SEO Beast”, it is a plug in that takes you step by step to make certain your blog page is totally optimized for your keyword. One of the key things this particular plug in does is it will check your Header tags and let you know what has to be changed. This is something that most kinds of so called SEO plug ins don’t do. Also, since this is an SEO plug in, that is in fact what your goal is. This plug in will also go through and automatically modify the format of the font for you so you don’t have to worry about changing it. By using this method, the search engines know exactly what your page is about and can rank your site accordingly.

And because this is performed for you, you won’t be squandering your time doing all this manually. The time which can be saved together with this option can really add up. One more thing that is very important to the search engines can be your keyword density. The keyword density is actually automatically determined within this plug in, so you won’t have to worry about it. After this plug in informs you of what your keyword density is, at that time you are able to just go back and increase or remove keywords to make the keyword density appropriate.

One more great aspect of this plug-in is that it informs you of where you need to place your keyword or keyword phrase. When you can place your keywords just where they should be you will find that the search engines provides you with even better ranking. And because the plug in tells you where they have to be you will no longer be leaving out keywords which will help you. This plug-in will also be able to give you a great linking technique to be used inside the post.

This is a strategy that just about any expert in SEO teaches and uses themselves. This method is provided with this plug in saving you lots of money that you would have to pay an expert to learn. As soon as your done with your post the plug in itself will grade your post with a scale of 1 to 10. Now suppose you only score a 7, the plug in can show you what changes can be made in your post so that you can increase your score to a 10. Of all the SEO plug ins that have already hit the market this one offers more features than many of them. This is a plug in which is very useful and also very economical for most people, selling at just $37. If you’ve been looking for a wordpress SEO plug in, you already know what an amazing price this is. Another thing that men and women like about this is the fact that if it does not do what it says it is going to you can get a refund.

These plus some other programs have been mixed and carried out on a great number of the authors personal web sites including a very talked-about gamer web site, called scary costumes, please feel free to feel free to head on over to it as we speak to to make some comparisons.


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