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Using a Blog as the Main Business Web Page


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

~ Thomas Edison

Blogging can be highly useful in reaching potential customers.Connecting with new potential clients can mean a big investment of time in developing your blog or web page so that readers know it as a trusted information resource.Setting your blog as a business web page is a successful strategy used by many kinds of businesses.  From furnace repair to highly focused and specialized water rate consultants, a business blog builds credibility, establishes a leadership brand or image and attracts new clients and customers.

Is there any possible way to operate and execute a blog plan without it stealing so much of your remaining time?Conceptually easy, just get organized and stick to your plan.  Building your blog into an effective sales tool that attracts internet traffic involves a simple five step process:

  • Schedule your topics in advance
  • Post once per day at least
  • Write an appropriate length piece – enough to carry value
  • Research new ideas
  • Participate!

Produce an article each day that concentrates on a single one of these topics.Points of value can also emerge as by asking these questions, opportunities and problems might be brought to light that had been previously missed. 

Weekly themes can also work.  A plumbing company might pass along seasonal tips for keeping home systems running well during a change of seasons. 

Attracting traffic is assisted by daily updating.The difficulty is of course, working these tasks into one’s weekly duties.Always remember that the blog is a continuous story about your success and your organization.Telling this story is worth the effort and time.

The close of each week is a good time to set up your schedule for the next week.You can even schedule a short scrum meeting on Friday afternoons – perhaps over a beer or two – to review the weeks activities.Similar discussions often reveal many great ideas and information.Additionally, one shouldn’t overlook weekends!It may also be helpful in keeping the blog fresh, to consider posting new articles to the blog over a weekend. 

Appropriate Length:
SEO Consultants frequently receive questions regarding how much material to include in a single post or article.There is no clear rule here, but a good standard is to provide enough information to “add value.If your article is too long, you might consider breaking it into multiple posts for separate days.A blogger though, is also included in the losely defined ‘entertainment industry’ so one doesn’t want to bore viewers. 
Support your major argument by using three to four supporting points.  A post of between 400 and 600 words seems to work well.

Research New Ideas:

Interesting thoughts and ideas can get lost in the fog of daily business, so be sure to keep a notebook with you!Don’t allow good ideas to leave your mind!

A steady stream of topic ideas is a challenge to consistently generate.This illustrates how important it is to remain connected to trends in your industry.Newsletters and email notices frequently hit the ‘inbox’ but few of us have time to read them.This may be a trove of fresh ideas, so at least quickly skim through the information sent to you before deleting. 

Asking for customer opinions is an excellent way to generate and research topics and new ideas.Common questions to help you include:
How did you find me?
Recently, has my product or service helped you achieve any new or interesting goals?
Did you notice any areas that could be made better?

Participate in Your Community:
Don’t leave your article or information there to sit after you’ve posted it for the world to see!Invite evaluation by others!Niche communities are frequently available for reaching out and engaging with others.Regional agencies will frequently host community bulletin board sites that would allow you to post ideas as well as your URL.Some readers will click over to your site if you can post a humorous or interesting comment.

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