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Using Articles for Affiliate Marketing


Articles can play an important role when you are engaged in the business of affiliate marketing.  In affiliate marketing, you get your income when a merchant pays you a commission for your efforts that result into a person buying a product or service from him.  This type of Internet marketing has become very popular because you would not even have to carry an inventory of products or provide the services yourself.  You only need a website, become a registered affiliate, and create an effective marketing plan.  You will then have money coming in no matter where you are, once all of the pieces have been successfully set up.

Article marketing has important functions in the marketing of the merchant’s services or products.  One role is article marketing in which you have several articles that are related to the products or services of your affiliate merchant.  Your articles that will have a compelling advertisement will also contain relevant keywords and phrases.  Your affiliate link that has your code to make sure that you get your commission when a customer gets to purchase a product or service from the merchant through your link, is placed alongside the ad.  These articles are submitted to article directories for the particular category of the product or service to ensure that a substantial number of people will read your articles.

You may also use articles in the promotion of your actual website that also contains your affiliate link.  You also submit the articles to the directories but your purpose is to naturally create backlinks that will raise the search engine ranking of your site.  This will optimize your website traffic that will then enhance the possibility of directing more customers to the merchant.

You may also distribute informative articles or reports to your friends and other acquaintances that they will find helpful.  Of course, you will have inserted your affiliate links in these articles, and this time, your goal is to use viral marketing.  Each person who receives your article and finds it to be informative and helpful is likely to send it to a friend and this will start a chain of events that can go viral.  The result is that the number of people who may click on your affiliate link can increase exponentially.

Thus, article marketing is a very powerful tools for your affiliate marketing endeavor.  And you need not be concerned if you feel that you would not be able to write the articles yourself.  Affordable articles could be provided to you by article writing services.


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