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Using Blog Marketing As A Home Business


Don't find fault. Find a remedy.

~ Henry Ford

Home business owners are beginning to catch on to the importance of having a blog to market their business on the Internet. This is a great way to accomplish many things that you could not do with other types of Internet marketing.

Some Internet marketers actually do blogging as their primary business. If this interests you then you can set up blogs and promote specific products to make money at home.

You could establish a blog and use it as sample content to sell your services to other bloggers. The opportunities to earn a full-time living as a blogger had never been better.

Many bloggers start a new blog every day and the owner quickly loses their enthusiasm to write and submit fresh content. When you consider there are literally millions of blogs on the Internet right now that need unique content added to them the possibilities for you to make money writing as a blogger are endless.

If you would like to start a blog around a specific theme this is not hard to get going. A fast way to do that is to join and set your blog up in a couple of minutes with no technical experience required.

This is also the perfect time to join Google Adsense and become an affiliate for this popular Google affiliate program. You can easily make money your blog with Google ads just by clicking a couple of buttons to place the ads in your blog. Google sells the advertising for you and pays you when people click on the ads.

Another thing to do is to host your own blog. I like Host Gator, but there are many good hosting websites online. Find one that has the Fantastico program for setting up a WordPress blog with no technical experience.

WordPress has many free and paid themes you can choose from. Initially you just want to get started and then you can make changes to the theme at a later date.

Search engine optimization is one thing you should do to help your blog rank for specific keyword phrases. I like the free version of Traffic Travis which is a great tool to build a list of a couple hundred keyword phrases.

If you write blog articles around your keyword list over time you will develop a solid group of articles that define what your blog is about and the search engines will reward you with high rankings.

If all of this seems like too much work you can always outsource your content needs to a blog writer. There are plenty of people who will write good content for a reasonable price. As the number of blogs you are managing grows this is a great way to combine blog marketing and a home business to create an Internet income of your own.


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