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What Is More Important: Page Rank Or Traffic?


When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.

~ Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book

There are a couple of factors that determine the success of each site. They are page rank, traffic, search engine ranking positions etc. People interested in site promotion often do not know what is more important. Hence the aim of our article would be to consider what is more important – page rank or traffic.

These two aspects are important especially in the context of the goal you have set for you site. The majority of people have the only goal – they want to earn money with the help of their site. That is a common goal but it does not give any clue how to actually do it. So keeping in mind this ultimate goal we should develop a clear marketing strategy for the site development. There are different ways to make money with a site. You can place advertisements, sell links or ad space etc. You can focus on one of these techniques or use a combination of them for better revenue.

But still at some point you will understand how important the page rank is. Page rank has been invented by Google and ever since many webmasters are puzzled by this idea. As we all understand that page rank is the reflection of site’s important webmasters do their best to get high page rank for their sites. The more important and popular your site is the more interested other people will be to buy links, ad space or place advertisements at your site. This importance is determined by the page rank.

Google takes into consideration some off-site and on-site factors while calculating the page rank. Such factors as quality backlinks, relevance, unique and frequently updated content are of great importance. Webmasters know this and they work in these directions to increase the page rank because they know it will give their sites higher search results position. This means that internet users can easily find your webpage. Consequently you get more traffic to the site.

Traffic is what each online business needs to be successful. If there is no traffic, the site will eventually lose its importance. Thus, even if a webpage has a high page rank but no traffic it is dead. If you want to sell some services you need traffic. Without people visiting your site there will be no sales.

This information shows that both page rank and traffic are very important. Only you can decide which one is more important for you and this decision will depend on the way you do online business. High page rank gives space for selling links to other websites interested in improving their search engine ranking. It enables you to pass on link equity. Traffic brings more benefits for internet marketers. Those who get more traffic sell more.

Today Internet technologies are very popular. So it is little wonder that the Internet network has changed into a way of making money. But to avoid putting your web business in big problem it is very crucial to understand how to get Website Traffic.

Search Engine Submission is one of the most significant things which should be focused on. Keep in mind that people today make use of online network to find info, and buy goods. And no doubt they use search engines for it. To make an online business prosperous, one has to use all the tools available. Also, Offline marketing may be helpful as well if it is applicable to the business.

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