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What Is Search Engine Optimisation? Is It Important To My Website?


You could pay a lot of money for a website, but it could be for nothing if no one sees it. Search engine optimisation is a combination of on page optimisation as well as off page optimisation used to modify a website so that it will appear amongst the top search results in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are numerous criteria that determine how you will rank in search engines, Google alone has in excess of two hundred. The main idea of search engine optimisation is to create relevance both on and off page which is the all important criterion, especially for Google.

There are many factors to a successful campaign which include extensive key word and keyphrase research exploring niche markets to target traffic specific to your website. On page optimisation adjustments, fresh content generation and copywriting, meta tag adjustments in keeping relevance with the page content and honing link structure. Externally or off page analysis of competitive link phrases, article submission, press releases cultivating deep links from blogs, aggregators, news and media companies and so your site authority grows.

So by honing the website design, modifying the structure and layout we can adjust the keyword densities, alter the meta titles and the page description to prepare on a technical level for the search engines. Even the smallest coding changes can make a large difference. To make a site irresistible to search engines they need to load fast, well structured and uncluttered code with a high ratio of fresh content. The hierarchy of the structural elements –heading, paragraph and other HTML tags plays a big part in how a search engine would prioritise the relevance and authority of a site.

To quote an old saying “content is king”, so the importance of Search Engine Optimisation copywriting cannot be stressed enough. Having relevant, unique content is one of the most critical elements in differentiating your site from the next. Your content has to be strong so as to gain interest which engages with the audience you are aiming for. This is the most effective long term seo strategy more so if the content is updated regularly with new fresh new copy

Global Link Popularity is arguably the most important search engine optimization criteria. Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines look for sites that have high quality incoming links from other relevant sites. Link building is the process of developing these links to your website across similar websites They add authority and improve site relevance. Sources might include current associates, online directories, press releases and blogs.

Ultimately search engine optimisation is a constantly evolving and to keep on top of it we have to evolve with it.Contact us for a free website report Free Website Report

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