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When Will My Blog To Reach Momentum


The important thing is not to stop questioning.

~ Albert Einstein

Traffic is the ultimate goal for all writers; we strive to attract visitors and provide value to our readers. However, as you and I both know, generating traffic is a tedious, time consuming process for any new blog. Spending more time promoting your content than creating it isn’t exacly enjoyable, but good news is, there will come a time when you can set aside traffic growing strategies and focus on writing- bloggers rejoice!

It’s called the Tipping Point

Once you have sustained a significant amount of traffic, your viewers will naturally assume some of the responsibilities concerning promotion for you. A big volume of visitors means that you are putting out quality content, have a better chance of the “sharing types” seeing your posts and sending them to their friends, and of other bloggers seeing your content for what it is and providing backlinks in their own posts.

After your blog starts receiving its just recognition, you’ll see traffic levels gradually rise. This is known as the Tipping Point. At this point, your website has gained enough exposure and traction for it to sustain itself, much like a snowball rolling downhill. Content you post will dissemenate across the web by its own accord, and you will be free to stop backlinking and promoting your blog.

When Will You Reach This Point?

It’s hard to measure how long it takes to acheive enough momentum for this to occur. Many bloggers say it takes months, but naturally, it will change from blogger to blogger. For many, it will start occurring once you acheive three hundred visits a day on a regular basis. It may take longer, or happen sooner, but this number is a reasonable goal.

It’s important to realize that this won’t all occur overnight. Your readers will gradually take on promotion responsiblities over time, and you will start to see more shares, increasing traffic, and more incoming links well before your blog actually takes off. You might notice more links after your first month in, but this doesn’t mean you can stop just yet. Keep promoting your website well after the tipping point, to insure you don’t lose momentum just as it peaks.

How Do I Acheive this Magical Tipping Point?

Reaching escape velocity is the hard part. My only advice to you is to be thoroughly deligent in your advertising efforts and try to build up as much of a viewer-base as possible via various blogging strategies. The more people viewing your content, the more people sharing it. You have to really put yourself out there to gain the fame and recognition required for your writing to self-dessimenate. It could take weeks, months, or even years, but if you keep creating quality content, slinging your product all over the web, and exposing your blog to a targeted audience, it will eventually happen. After that, you will be free to do what you really want with your blog and not have to spend so much effort promoting it. Heck, you might even make cash with all this newfound traffic!

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