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Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.

~ Woody Allen

I was just reading a list of known salaries for some of the great bloggers and could not believe my eyes! Now I knew that people, including me, were making money using their blogs, but even I was surprised by the amount some of these greats are making. The highest listed was $300,000,000 yes you read that right three hundred million dollars! In second place was 20 million dollars. Now a little bit more realistic for most of us is to think about $50,000 to $150,000 per year which is very possible with a little work and time. You can earn money with blogs and as your fan base grows so will your income. There are hundreds and thousands of people looking for ways to make money online and one of the most simple ways to make money online is by blogging and there are many, as stated above, that are earning money with blogs. The nice thing about blogs is that you can set one up for free and write about anything and everything. In other words, whatever you know you can write about and earn money with your blogs. It will definitely help you if you know a little bit about what you are blogging about but the main source of income comes from the advertisements and affiliate marketing that you do. I have learned a lot about blogging and how to earn money with blogs simply by trial and error. If we don’t learn from our mistakes we will keep making the same ones over and over again. Perhaps the most difficult thing I had to overcome was all the terminology used by internet gurus since I was a complete illiterate when it came to computer jargon. Of course there are a lot of good sources to learn all that stuff and it really is not hard to learn and understand. And believe me, if an old guy like me can learn to make money at home online, anyone can. Just remember to keep your blog interesting, full of good useful content and build a relationship with your readers and you will earn money with your blogs. Would you like to know HOW TO START A BLOG? You are definitely at the right place. Learning HOW TO START A BLOG is actually easier said than done. Just click on the link on HOW TO START A BLOG and learn more about it.


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